Learn Effective and Immediate Strategies on managing fear with your child..   Even if you are new at this thing called parenting or don’t have a million dollars to spend on health care professionals...






Dear Parent:

If you’re struggling to get your child to listen to you about their fears…

It isn’t because you are bad at parenting.

It isn’t because you don’t care enough.

The reason why you’re struggling is sometimes much more simple. How did you get off track with the basics?

IF you’re willing to listen.

Here’s the big question…

Do you want to waste thousands of dollars and your valuable time and energy chasing the magic bullet, hoping for a miracle…

… Or are you ready to finally start making progress now?

If so, let’s get started on changing the trajectory of your family forever…

Just in case you don’t know me, I’m Jarrod Hood, the founder of Preston Trail Counseling brand, a small firm dedicated to providing effective strategies that help families NOW. My practice counsels, coaches others, and provides compelling content that gets families back on track. 

But I wasn’t always like this.





I remember when I was a kid, struggling with eye contact. Not wanting to introduce myself to new friends. Struggling with looping thoughts, overthinking, high anxiety.  

I’d prefer to wait rather than push through. 


Sorry to burst your bubble, but it wasn’t a magic pill...

My skills took years to build up. 



While I started to improve as I got older, I finally went and learned more. I got a masters degree in counseling and worked to hone and perfect my skills, and learning to help others.

And over the years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know all sorts of families managing anxiety, stress and mental health challenges.

As I spent more time around them, listening to them, and striving to help them, I realized several themes that separated the families who have more success in this area with families who do not....

Nope, it wasn’t money.

It wasn’t how educated they were either.

Sure, success would differ from family to family. Some of them would start off slow. Others would quickly make progress.

But no matter what progress they made… successful families approached every situation with a system that works, and they could rely on in times of stress and chaos.

They weren't focused on magic bullets.

Sometimes, simplicity to the system gets things moving. 

And through these families, and helping them, I started to realize something:





I had developed my own process and small arsenal of techniques that worked great for the average family in distress.

You see: after I finished studying and got my degree, I started working as a licensed counselor in private practice.

And I often had to practice for myself what I would preach to my clients.

For example - one of my first clients was a teenage boy who was withdrawn and highly socially anxious. I connected with him, and his Dad emailed me months later talking about his transformation. 

I started learning to consistently get movement with a wide variety of clients and families. Turns out, I had begun to refine a system that the average family can take and practice with their anxious child!



Fast forward to today, and the PTC brand has spent thousands of hours helping families with a wide variety of mental health challenges.













But my philosophy hasn’t changed - it’s how you are conceptualizing the issue at hand and how you plan to move forward, not a magic bullet solution, that matters the most in making progress for your family.



Here’s some testimonials around the PTC brand…

 I am a therapist who works with adults and often have a need for child and adolescent therapist referrals. I have sent many clients to Jarrod and always get positive feedback. Some even call the work he does "magic." It is wonderful to have a trusted professional with which to do great collaborative work. I trust Jarrod" 

"I work with and refer to Jarrod often. Because I only collaborate with those I deeply trust, I can give the highest remarks for Jarrod's personableness, expertise, and his supportiveness for everyone he works with. He's also really fun and creative, which is a great attribute to have working with the pediatric population. Clients seek him out from all over the metroplex to make the worthwhile investment of therapy for themselves and/or family. I highly recommend!"




But here's the thing: Research and new trends are always emerging in the mental health field. We have gone through a pandemic. Social media has exploded in popularity. Life looks different. Parenting is much more challenging now. What your child has experienced is different than what we experienced in our childhoods.  


So as I started putting together a new course, I realized a few things:

 1 The course has to teach an overall system that could apply to any family

 2 The course has to be updated to teach families how to manage todays stressors, not last decades stressors so you can make progress in helping your child rethink anxiety.


And most importantly - whatever was inside this new course has to work in whatever comes over the next decade of parenting challenges!

So I went to work, looking at research, thinking through personal experiences, client challenges, updating, refining the basics…

Stripping away the unnecessary parts, and breaking it down into the bare essentials.

At the same time, I started cataloging the arsenal of tools I had discovered and built up over the years…

And I worked tirelessly to put it together, to put together an introductory system for getting families progressing NOW.

After all… Why are there so many people who can testify to having anxiety but living well balanced and productive lives?

Anxiety is not overcome with the greatest teachers, the most money, the fanciest schools of thought. 

And that’s why today, I’d like to present to you the culmination of my years spent understanding this subject…





Rethink Anxiety: Effective Parenting Tools to get Relief NOW




My introductory course that shows you the simple steps to get on track NOW with your anxious child.

Rethink Anxiety gives you my system to work and build progress from your home.

Rethink Anxiety is an online course that comprises of 3 introductory video modules.



Here's an overview of what you'll learn inside Rethink Anxiety:


MODULE 1: What is Anxiety- Sign and Symptoms

In this module, it’s all about setting you up for success. You’ll be taught:

  What is anxiety,  is all anxiety bad? Let’s consider what we are doing here

  What are the different types of anxiety?  Get a brief overview of what the differences in anxiety look like 

  Causes, signs and symptoms of anxiety: 



MODULE 2: Helping Anxious Kids

This is where you’ll discover things such as:

 The importance of developing mindset

Learning to check yourself as a parent 

Overemphasizing the problem- learn to focus on solutions 

Building Teamwork

Developing Smart goals 

Build actual coping skills

Discipline or not?


MODULE 3: Consider Helpers

This module looks at the idea of when to finally pull the plug and get some additional help. 


So as you can see - Rethink Anxiety contains everything you’ll need to start the process of making progress now.

The entire course is easily accessible through a secure member’s area, and you’ll be able to access it from any device you have that can connect to the Internet - a laptop, your desktop, your phone, your tablet, you name it.


But to learn what’s taught inside Rethink Anxiety, there’s only really a few options out there:

OPTION 1: Keep doing what you are doing.  

OPTION 2: Finding professionals now who are going to help you and your child get on track.  

OPTION 3: Trying to learn everything online in the sea of online articles, blogs, books, parenting advice, Facebook parent groups, etc.

The issue with these various options is that they all cost either a significant amount of money, time and effort to make them work.

As a parent myself, I know how it feels like when my child says “Dad, I’m scared.”

The tools I am giving you I use for myself, my kids, and my practice. 




But don’t worry - Rethink Anxiety isn’t going to break your bank. And it is not going to be a 10 hour course. These are strong principles consolidated down into the essentials. 

While the content inside this course is worth hundreds of dollars spent on training, learning, and practicing…

I want this course to be within the budget of any parent.

And it’s going to cost much less than learning by trial and error, where you can spend endless amounts of time and feel you have not made any progress, and still end up frustrated and not see the goals you are wanting to see. 

I started Rethink Anxiety  because I wanted to help kids feel better, parents to feel more empowered, and to keep learning in the process as well. 





So How Much Does Rethink Anxiety Cost?

Well, the Rethink Anxiety course itself is valued at $500…

… Which is already a bargain compared to what professional counseling might cost!

And it’s priceless in terms of the time, energy and emotion it’ll save you from trying to figure out by yourself.

And $500 honestly isn’t that much when you think about the potential of what you could do with your newfound skills with Rethink Anxiety.

But most importantly - you’ll be able to build your toolset as a parent to feel confident in your approach.

So today, because I’ve just launched Rethink Anxiety, you can get lifetime access to the course...

NOT for $500 (which would be a reasonable price).

You won’t even pay half of that. ($250)

Right now, on this page and this page only…

You can get Rethink Anxiety for just one Small Payment of Just $77.

And to really make this a no-brainer decision for you...



Your investment in Rethink Anxiety comes with a no questions asked, 30-day full money-back guarantee.

That’s right.

Join Rethink Anxiety today, go through the course, start applying the principles, and see for yourself the progress you and your child can make TOGETHER.

And if in the first 30 days of you joining the course you don’t think that it’s helped you make progress, just email me at [email protected], and my team will refund every cent of your investment.

And no hard feelings. If my course didn’t help you, you don’t have to pay for it.

You can still get a refund, no questions asked.

However, this exclusive offer will only be around for a limited time only...

So if you’d like to make progress … now’s the time to take action.


So click the button below to join Rethink Anxiety for just
One Small Payment of Just $77

(the price is usually $97)







As a quick recap,
here’s what you’re getting today as part of this exclusive launch offer:

  Lifetime access to the entire Rethink Anxiety course alongside any future updates - $500 value


That’s $500 worth of value, all for the discounted low price of just $77.

So if you’d like to take advantage of this exclusive offer, and finally get the tools and resources to get some progress moving for your family, here’s what to do next...

Click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a secure signup page where you can put in your payment details and sign up for Rethink Anxiety.

Trust me - you won’t regret your decision investing into your parenting skills. 

So give Rethink Anxiety a shot today, and click the button below to lock in your spot on the course now.

I hope to see you inside the course!

To living better lives,

Jarrod Hood



Frequently Asked Questions about Rethink Anxiety 

So what am I getting when I join Rethink Anxiety today?

If you join Rethink Anxiety before this offer closes, you’ll get lifetime access to the entire course.

And you’ll get all of this for just $77 - when this offer ends and when Rethink Anxiety is released again, it will cost $97.


How can I be sure that this course will improve my situation?

These are effective principles around managing distress that work and help families. I have spent thousands of hours counseling children, individuals, and families around the principles laid out in this course. While this is not professional guidance, these are educational principles that are designed to build progress. 


Is the payment checkout service you’re using secure?

We’re using Stripe as our payment processor, which processes your payments through a secure TLS encryption, and it’s used as a secure payment processor all over the world, from Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, the United States, and many more.


How much will Rethink Anxiety cost after this offer ends?

This page will be taken down once the deadline hits, and Rethink Anxiety will cost at least $97 the next time you see it.



I’m not very good with technology, will this course be too complicated for me?

Short answer? No. This course is designed as educational, applicable for parents, teachers, grandparents, extended families and more…



What if I don’t like Rethink Anxiety?

But to take all the risk off your shoulders, your purchase of Rethink Anxiety comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

So you can get Rethink Anxiety today, come back a month later, and if you’re not satisfied with the results you get from trying out what’s taught in the course, just email me at [email protected], and you’ll get a quick refund of your entire purchase, no questions asked.



To recap, here’s what you’re getting today:

  Lifetime access to the entire Rethink Anxiety course alongside any future updates - $500 value

Just click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a secure signup page where you can put in your payment details and sign up for Rethink Anxiety.





P.S. The way I see it, you’ve got 2 choices in front of you today.

You can choose the road of carrying on your own way, learning this online through the odd video and article, and trying out and seeing what works and playing by trial and error.

But what happens down that road?

As someone who’s worked with families for a long time, that road is more challenging.


And at the end of it… who suffers the most?

Or you can choose to try out Rethink Anxiety, completely risk free on a 30 day full money back guarantee.

Inside Rethink Anxiety, you’ll be shown the fundamental concepts of anxiety.

How to approach, how to make progress, how to keep moving forward.

You’ll be handed a step by step system, for a fraction of the time, money and effort it took for me to discover and refine it into an easy-to-digest format.

There’s no risk on your shoulders - so click the button below to join Rethink Anxiety now.




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