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Developed by a real therapist and parent, Jarrod Hood 


Created to help you build better strategies in this tricky thing called parenting. Content includes evidence based theories that actually work.




Strengthen your parenting skills through helpful online courses, at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy

Courses developed over thousands of hours of clinical work, learning, education, and training

  1. Courses designed to help with a host of issues common to the 21st century parent
  2. You've tried many strategies that aren't working
  3. These frustrations are disrupting your daily life
  4. Going to a therapist is expensive and you need stronger tools now

Meet Your Instructor

Jarrod Hood

Jarrod is a licensed specialist who has helped hundreds work through and manage debilitating symptoms around anxiety, depression, family dynamics challenges and ADHD through his own private practice.

He has devoted his career to spreading mental health awareness. 

He sees daily what works and what doesn't work when it comes to treating challenging life circumstances and wants the best for those who suffer. 

He is considered a kind and funny person who spreads joy and humor to those he works with, giving them hope in the process.