Counseling Services: 

You may be a good fit for counseling if: 

  • Your family needs a space to talk about meaningful topics 
  • Screen over-use, rebelling on getting off xBox, PC, PS5, Netflix, TikTok, Instagram, Snap, Twitch
  • Parent education around emotional management for helping your child (in other words, learning to model what you want to see in your kid)
  • Disrespect and unkindness to family members, avoiding, ignoring, passive aggressive behavior  
  • Frequent bouts of aggression, hostility, and rage- punishments are not working or ineffective
  • Learning to build resiliency, esteem, confidence, worth and value 
  • Parent education on over-parenting, helicopter parenting, anxious parenting, constant are ready to empower your child to learn to deal with real world consequences  
  • Your child is struggling or hurting or misbehaving
  • Painful or exhausting family relationships 
  • Struggles with coparenting, blended family, step siblings, step parenting
  • Child with low self-esteem/shyness/making friends
  • Constant challenges with anxiety, mood disorders, impulse control, ADHD challenges, constant lateness, missing assignments 

Play Therapy

Play is a natural language for children to work through fears, concerns, and big events in their life. My practice uses the power of play to help kids with big life circumstances, whether divorce, grief, anger, anxiety or school related concerns.

Teen/Family Counseling

Jarrod strives to stay relevant to what is happening in the fast moving world of adolescence. Connection is vital. Meaningful discussion and continued dialogue is his goal. Parents are included in the process!  Jarrod offers parent sessions to help brainstorm more effective ways in managing stress in the home.

College Aged/Young Adult

Jarrod offers individual counseling appointments for college aged students for a host of issues, including managing anxiety, depression, workload, organization issues and substance abuse problems.   Jarrod works with college students remotely and in-person.


Common issues arise with anxiety, social stress, depression and work related issues. Jarrod works with  adult  men  and  women  on  a  host  of  issues,  including  interpersonal  relationships,  job  stressors,  social  skills, family problems (including parenting and interpersonal issues) and  mental  health  concerns. Jarrod enjoys processing complex business problems with executives and identifying solutions for those looking for help navigating a workplace challenge. 

Work with Jarrod

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